Organisational culture and issues

 Lack of complance, self interest, tribalism, beliefs.

    Organisational culture, Organizational
        issues, Conflict of interest, Wilfull ignorance, turning a blind        eye, reputation, reputational damage, image, public confidence

Dealing with a problem/issue by creating or increasing the
        rules & regulations relating to it; will reinforce &        exacerbate the proble

empowerment is an alternative to rules, procedures or

when personal
        agenda contradicts, or comes into conflict with organisational        values, this may result in perverse behavour

        ignorance or turning a blind eye may arise from threats to        relationships, credibility, or through cognitive dissonance

What is the context, duration and tangibility a possible threat?  If there is no threat, then there cannot be any risk.

where there
        is a threat to a persons reputation within an organisation, that        person may take steps reduce the personal threat under the guise        of protecting the organisations reputation, and this may        ultimately damage the reputation of both if it becomes public

Integrity cannot exist without transparency, congruity
        & honesty

Virtue Signalling internal drivers, Cognitive Dissonance,
        Image, Tribalism

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